How to Grow Your Seeds

Thank you for celebrating with us on our big day! We hope you enjoy your succulent seeds.

The soil is particularly for succulents and cacti. We wrapped the tiny succulent seeds in plastic wrap or little ziplocs so that they wouldn't get lost in the soil, so you might have to dig for them! Some need to sit on top of the soil, so we didn't want you to not be able to find the seeds if they got buried. Unwrap them (some are TINY--they might look like tiny black dots) and then follow the instructions.

It will be a long process to see them actually grow, but anything worth it takes time. Take a picture of your plant (if it grows!) in a few months and send it to us!

Instructions (from TheMessyPlanter)

Disinfect propagation pans: pans should be small & shallow, no more than 4" deep and 6" in diameter. Sow seeds as deep into the soil as the seeds are wide and press down lightly; tiny seeds should be sprinkled onto the soil - not pressed down or covered with additional soil. Cover the pans with clear plastic or glass. Place them in a bright location but out of direct sun; a grow light will also work. Keep the temperature around 70 degrees. If the soil seems dry, spray lightly with water. Be sparing -- to much water can drown the seed, but you want to keep the soil moist at all times. Watch for germination. Most cacti and succulents will germinate within 3 weeks, but some species require more time! When seeding plants appear, raise the cover during the day for ventilation. Watch soil moisture. Don't allow the soil to dry out, but do not oversaturate. Keep the temperature between 50 and 70 degrees. Transplant your plants into their permanent pots. Most cacti and succulents will be ready to transplant in 6 months to a year after germination. Most cacti can be transplanted when they are the size of a large marble. Many other succulents may be transplanted when they are 2 to 4" tall. Gently lift the plants from the growing medium, set into the soil of the new container, firm the soil around the roots and water well.